Schedule: Your Week in Paradise

Training Schedule and Social Dancing with the Locals, in the Caribbean Sun overlooking the Powder White Beach!

During the bootcamp week, there will be four intensives, each comprising approx. 3 hours of training with Gil and Shelley. Each session will be a themed workshop, focusing on a particular element of salsa dancing. The workshops are aimed at improver and intermediate dancers (although advanced dancers may also find them suitable too – please contact us to check as we can always make arrangements to cater for higher levels too). During each workshop everyone will receive individual attention and help from Gil & Shelley to ensure that training is tailored to the level and skills of each dancer.

Don't forget that non-dancers can also join us on the holiday through the Friends&Family pass! Also, you can extend your stay in the wonderful for 3 days before, and 3 days after, our core dates, for the same discounted accommodation price!

Workshops will include the following topics:
Leading and Following Techniques, Core Dance Technique and Body Conditioning
Work on the essentials of leading and following in salsa with lots of tips, advice and individual help. Included in this workshop, underpinning all dancing (including salsa) is an understanding of your body, how it moves and the areas you need to engage. We will work on the technical elements of salsa dancing and some core conditioning exercises that will help improve your all-round dancing and principles, which will form a foundation for the rest of the week’s learning.
Spinning Technique - Work on your spinning technique and practice, practice, practice!
From leaders learning the best ways to lead multiple spins (and spinning yourselves!), to ladies practicing and following multiple spins, plus travelling spins, footwork and drills, this will help you to add effortless spinning into your dancing.
Body Movement and Styling Workshop
Work on body isolations, movement and styling to add a little ‘Sabor’ into your dancing.
Musical Interpretation
This workshop will help you to understand, truly listen and interpret salsa music effectively. Learn how you can fit your moves, styling and shines into the various sections of the music when dancing.

Provisional Timetable:
As well as all the training, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the sun, the wonderful fine white sandy beach and the blue Caribbean sea, to relax, explore the culture of Mexico and of course to socialize and make new friends! Our provisional training schedule is below.

In addition to your training sessions and days off, there will be opportunities for social dancing in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and in the hotel/beach area. We may modify the training schedule to allow for a late night out with the locals! We are looking forward to introducing you to our salsa friends who are part of the lovely salsa community in Cancun and Playa del Carmen! In addition, we will keep an eye on plans for day trips and if a different day seems to suit better, we may switch some days/times.

Saturday 3 December
Arrivals. 21:00-23:00 Welcome meeting and Social dancing
Sunday 4 December
10.45-13.30 Training
Monday 5 December
10.45-13.30 Training
Tuesday 6 December
Day off for day trips (see our suggestions page)
Wednesday 7 December
10.45-13.30 Training
Thursday 8 December
10.45-13.30 Training
Friday 9 December
Day off for day trips (see our suggestions page). Late night social dancing and farewell.
Saturday 10 December

Your training location (see photo!) is an air-conditioned stunning room with floor to ceiling windows directly overlooking the beach!

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Mambo Cafe in Cancun - dancing with the locals!