Beginners Salsa Classes in West London (Ealing/Northfields)


Beginners Salsa classes in Northfields, West London, every Tuesday

1930-2030hrs: Beginners Salsa Class

Fun, friendly, no partner required - see below for frequently asked questions!

£10 per lesson, 1-month course. Register upon arrival any Tuesday of the month.

Location: Navasartian Centre, 223 Northfield Ave, London W13 9QU
If you have any queries you are welcome to call us on 07702272884 or email
Salsa Classes West London


==Keeping our dancers healthy==

- Please do not attend if you are unwell
- Use hand sanitiser and/or wash your hands frequently


Frequently Asked Questions



What shoes do I need to wear ?

For ladies: Ideally, shoes with a low heel and a strap across the ankle so that they stay securely on your feet. For both ladies and gents, trainers may be ok for your first few classes but after this we suggest non-marking shoes with a suede or leather sole so that you can pivot well on the wooden floor.

What clothes should I wear ?

Casual and comfortable is perfect! The majority of our Beginners wear jeans and a t-shirt or light top.

How long does the class last ?

The lesson is 1 hour. This includes a couple of minutes fun warm-up, then around 10 minutes of solo dancing to learn steps and weight transfer, then the remaining time is spent learning how to lead and follow in a partner dance, with members of the lesson rotating to meet and dance with their fellow Beginners (rotation is optional, but recommended, as you will learn faster plus meet new friends!)

Do I need to bring a partner ?

No, over half of our Beginners join without a partner. We rotate ladies and gents throughout the lesson, for the benefit of developing your dancing skills and in order to meet your fellow Beginners. We usually have more or less balanced numbers of leaders and followers in the classes.

Where can I go to practice ?

We hold a practise session at the end of our beginners and improvers classes, where you can practise what you have learned. When you are more confident you may like to attend one of our Thursday or Saturday Socials

I've done some dancing before, do I need to join the Beginners course ?

This depends on whether your previous salsa or Latin dance experience was in the same style as our classes (crossbody on1). We always recommend in this circumstance that you arrive at 7.20pm to the venue so that we can conduct a short and informal assessment of your dancing, in order to suggest the most appropriate class for you.