Keep Dancing with Gil

NEW! Keep Dancing Course from October 2020!

A toolkit to keep you healthy, happy and transforming your dance, with new and varied content, every Tuesday with Gil.

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Enjoy developing your salsa skills and beyond with this weekly variety course. Here at Pexava we have developed this course specifically to help you maintain your enjoyment of dance, connection to the dance community, and to grow your skills base during these exceptional times. Gil will share everything you need to be ready for the return of the social dance scene.


Expand your understanding and skills every week and keep online classes fun and engaging, with 3 different sections every Tuesday over the course of 90 minutes. We will cover topics such as salsa footwork On1 and On2, chacha and bachata basics. Loosen up with body movement, rumba and afro. Enjoy musicality to a range of different rhythms and styles. Learn styling and general dance technique such as exercise for balance. speed, correct stepping and posture, spinning and spotting and secrets of leading and following (no partner required). All in the comfort of your own home and with sessions recorded should you wish to go back to them for reference or to practice again.

After many years of dancing, teaching, performing and competing at world championship level we know the secrets to becoming a better dancer. Under these extraordinary circumstances Gil will bring to you a toolkit that we are not able to share in our regular partnerwork lessons. This knowledge and these skills make the difference, and we are excited to help you to bring your dancing to the next level with this 6-week course.

Through experience, we know that these structured online sessions are really fun and effective. The time goes so fast as you bring your dancing to another level!

Times: Tuesdays 2000-2130hrs (but sessions are saved for you to catch up, or return and practice, at your convenience)

Start date: 6th October, 6 Tuesdays weekly

Course cost: £50.00 

Taught via Zoom and Facebook Live. 

BOOKING: Call Gil on 07702272884

Pay Now With Paypal or Debit/Credit Card